The earlier they learn good manners, the more quickly good manners become a part of who they are!  Confidence soars during this fast paced class for tots where praise is given constantly, and friendly smiles abound. Tots will learn about meeting new people, the importance of saying thank you, telephone skills, basic table manners and more.
Having manners is key in building positive friendships and a healthy self-esteem!  This fun, hands on class teaches introductions, a firm handshake, eye contact, good posture, basic table manners, the importance of saying “Thank You”, and more.  Don’t be surprised if girls and boys come out asking for more!
In this fun, fast paced interactive course, guys and gals overcome social anxieties about how they look, what they say, and what they do in social situations!  Teens will learn the importance of first impressions, introductions, good posture, appearance tips, manners for movies & theater, basic dining manners, presentations skills, conversation starters, the art of saying “Thank You”, and more.
Practice makes perfect!  If you have completed any of our classes, you are eligible to attend our graduate only dinners offered several times a year at the beautiful Glenmore Country Club, in Keswick, VA. Here you will be able to brush up on the manners you’ve learned while you dine, and enjoy dinner conversation with others.
“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it’s the only thing.” ~ Albert Schweitzer
Grown-ups need manners, too!  Whether you are the president of a large corporation, just entering the workplace, or have the all important job of setting the right example for the children in your life, you need to know and practice proper social etiquette and good table manners! Each of these 3 hour tutorial meals provides instruction in these areas while you dine and enjoy the company of others.

Private consultations are available for two or more individuals.
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According to Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Institute, 85% of job success is based on “soft skills” while only 15% is based on technical knowledge. Ninety percent of a first impression is based on nonverbal skills. Today much business is conducted at the lunch or dinner table, so don’t just guess at table manners, know them. This two, four or eight hour seminar is for those who want to successfully navigate the corporate world by learning, or relearning, in a relaxed atmosphere, the skill set needed to stand out in a positive way.