~ Adult seminar attendee
Very professional. I learned many things. Thank you!
~ Adult seminar attendee
~ Adult seminar attendee
when competing in social situations, and Karen is a great coach!
~ Adult seminar attendee
It reinforced what many of us learned at an early age but sometimes forget to use during business meetings and dinners; such as good manners, proper dining skills, and how our body language says it all.
Before I had taken her class, I had never even heard of continental style eating. Her class was not only fun, but informative I feel so special knowing etiquette above the average standard of today.
At first I thought the main focus would be learning about table manners, but I was also very pleased to see that in addition to that, my children learned so many other important life skills, like, proper introductions and handshakes, phone greetings and phone conversation etiquette, respect,  and other communication skills.  After graduating from Karen's class my children keep practicing their skills at home without my having  to say anything about setting the table properly and having proper behavior at the dinner table.
I learned a lot of things in my etiquette class. Mrs Bowles is nice and fun.
Anne - 6 year old student
A reason to get dressed up and go out – something we never find reason to do. Dinner was delicious and comfortable (and humorous) with friends and new acquaintances humble enough to enjoy the collective lack of social graces. My husband expected to not have a good time, but he loved it! For Valentine’s Day, we enjoyed dinner and dancing! Each class was full of unexpected surprises and memories, and we took home lots of interesting etiquette tidbits to share. We both can’t wait for our next lesson!
Lauren (& Rich), Adult Students
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her students.  Mrs. Bowles’s dynamic personality brings fun and excitement to her classes. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Bowles Manners I course and is eager to take another class with Mrs. Bowles in the future. Mrs. Bowles taught my daughter insight on etiquette in general in addition to manners themselves. My daughter’s confidence has noticeably improved since her course with Mrs. Bowles. It was a pleasure and privilege to have my daughter enrolled in The Etiquette School of the Commonwealth, and we look forward to working with Mrs. Bowles again!
Brook~ Mom of 6 year old
affirmed some of the etiquette rules I already knew and taught me a great deal of new information about how to carry myself well in a formal dining situation. Plus, it was just a lot of fun.
Andi ~ Adult Dinner Tutorial Class
Thank you!
~ Adult seminar attendee